Covid Resilience & Recovery Plan


Australia could step into a unique leadership role with regards to Covid-Normal and economic recovery.

For decades Australia has stood supreme in economic resilience and consistently rates high as the place to live. Across the country signs of economic prosperity abound. Pre-Covid, infrastructure and private sector investments were at record highs, with much more still in the pipeline.

We've handled Covid-19 well and slowed its spread to a snail's pace. Our success in slowing the spread has largely been achieved through quick and stringent actions. Acting quickly in response to a pandemic is always far superior than acting slowly, albeit resulting in some unexpected "spot-fires" along the way.

Now that we've achieved a level of Covid suppression that's the envy of the world, it is time for Plan-B, wherein we build even stronger levels of defense whilst simultaneously recovering the economy.

So what does Plan-B entail?

It's essentially a transition from the approach of restricting people to the approach of using physical controls. These controls can be thought of as the safety barriers around construction sites. This thinking is very much part of our psyche. When we build something or working with something dangerous, we don't exclude people. Instead we implement safe guards to prevent harm.

It's taken some time to fully understand SARS-CoV-2 and particularly it's primary mode of transmission. We also know that it's not an intelligent, cunning, super-villain. Nor is it entirely invisible due to advances in detection technologies.

With the knowledge gained, we now have many tools to not only better protect the most at risk and vulnerable, but we also have solutions that protects the broader community.

Plan-B not only enables the easing of restrictions allowing more people back to work and getting businesses up to full-speed, it also creates new products, services and growth. Every sector benefits from Plan-B without having to wait for vaccines to achieve herd immunity effectiveness.

Australia has much to gain by implementing Plan-B quickly. For example: Australia is regarded as a sporting nation and renowed for hosting outstanding events. Most of the major international events around the world are at risk of being cancelled, scaled-back or relocated to countries like China where Covid is well suppressed. Over this coming summer and into autumn, Australia could host many of the northern hemisphere's events in such sports and tennis, golf, cricket, rugby, Formula 1, swimming and surfing.

The key Plan-B elements that must be in place to achieve this are;

  • Mandatory Covid testing for international travellers - prior to leaving their place of embarkation and upon arrival in Australia.
  • Zero transmission quarantine hotels.
  • Follow-up Covid testing of international travellers - 4 over 28 days.
  • Covid only treatment clinics (pop-up Covid hospitals), for the purpose of isolating our hospitals from Covid.
  • Broad implementation of air purifiers.
  • Broad implementation of Covid-Safe HVAC systems - mandatory for quarantine hotels.
  • The following deeper dive articles explain the elements of Plan-B and how it solves the Covid challenges across healthcare, aged-care, covid testing stations, air travel, hotel-quarantine, hotels, tourism, hospitality, etc....

  • How to safely restore air travel during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • POP-UP Covid Clinics
  • Safer Quarantine Hotels
  • Good ventilation reduces the spread of Covid-19
  • Reducing the incidence of hospital acquired infections
  • Getting safely back to office life during a pandemic
  • We can beat Covid-19 Quickly
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