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Bringing back customers


Covid-19 is keeping customer away in droves.

The hospitality, tourism, commercial property, univerisity and accommodation sectors are amongst the hardest hit.

The Tokyo Olympic Games is about to be cancelled amid news that both the number of new Sars-Cov-2 strains and mutations are increasing exponentially. The variants are now upto 70% more infectious, leading to new record levels of infections and death numbers being attained almost everyday. This is despite vaccines being rolled out and better treatments reducing mortality rates in certain countries.

Australia, New Zealand and most Pacific island nations has the spread under control. However, experts are concerned that this may not be the situation come winter.

Why are cusomers staying away?

Despite CovidSAFE regulations and the common sense practices of wearing masks, social distancing, hand hygiene and the like; the vast majority of people are simply afraid of becoming infected.

People quite simply do not feel safe. Everything that people have come to know about Covid-19 makes them uncomfortable, anxious and stressed.

The invisibilty of Coronavirus has people feeling like they're going to be taken down by a hidden snipper.

What can be done to bring customers back?

  • #1 - Make them feel safe and comfortable.
  • Leading psychologist and behavioral experts agree that Covid-19 has raised people's levels of anxiety and stress and part of the antidote involves making them feel safe in familiar surroundings. The last thing stressed people need is uncertainty when they're in environments that previously felt safe.

  • #2 - Show them it's safe.
  • Showing people that it's safe is infinitely more effective than only telling them. Customers have grown sceptical of some CovidSAFE practices quite simply because they see businesses execute these practices randomly or poorly. Many hospitality and hotel leaders have stated that their research shows customers have always been wary of cleanliness standards and empty promises. Since Covid, customers are not prepared to simply accept the marketing messaging. Customers are acting on their skepticism and voting with their feet.

    Therefore these days, housekeeping and simple things like table wiping are no longer in the background. Housekeeping has been dramatically modernized and brought to the forefront of operations. The use of technology in this area has exploded and is applied to numerous uses including in-real-time monitoring of checkouts to optimise cleaning schedules and rosters, resource planning, checklists, daily performance auditing, all staff participation in damage reporting, AI based generation of repair works order and automatic notification of technicians and so much more. Most importantly all this tech and the activity that it drives is not hidden from customers. At every possible opportunity businesses are demonstrating and boasting about what they have in place and doing to make their business safer.

  • #3 - Go above and beyond.
  • It's no longer acceptable to do the bare minimum, albeit keeping up with your competitors. Maintaining the status quo no longer keeps the books balanced. It only guarantees a decline in the number of customers.

    Customers have become more fastidious and discerning. This is somewhat driven by the social media, social engagement effect on the plethora of social platforms. As such customers assess their buying decisions more careful and seek to extract greater value from every dollar spent.

    All sectors have their pioneers especially during challenging times and amidst adversity. Covid-19 has been the impetus for going above and beyond especially in the hospitality sector. To illustrate this points have a look at the video below by Vincent van Dijk who reveals the latest trends that all contribute to Bringing Back Customers.


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