Safer Quarantine Hotels


Quarantine hotels have proven to be significant pathways for spreading coronavirus into our local communities. It's investable that some guests will arrive infected and in most cases unknowingly.

Most quarantine hotels have poor air conditioning systems that aid the spread of the virus. This article explains it in detail and outlines some solutions: CovidSAFE HVAC

Air Disinfection

UV-C enabled air disinfection units, such as the SaniTastic-S is an ideal method for quarantine hotels to abate virus transmissions. It's also inexpensive and very easy to install.

Most importantly, it's highly effective, safe, operates 24/7, and does not require chemicals or cleaning personnel.

Since UV-C light inactivates coronavirus, rendering it incapable of reproduction, SaniTastic plays multiple roles.

  • Firstly, ensures virus particles that pass through the unit does not have the ability to infect other people.
  • Secondly, reduces the size of the active airborne colony within the room.
  • Thirdly, assists the occupants of the room in enhancing their immune response. Thus naturally encouraging a faster recovery.
  • This is possible due to the occupants interacting with an increasing amount of inactive virus and progressively less active virus. This works in a similar manner to vaccines.
  • Copious amounts of fresh, virus-free air is ideal to assist a coronavirus infected person recover quickly. Clean, fresh air delivered at a rate above 15 air changes per hour is recommended in the latest advice from the US-CDC and WHO. However, hotel rooms are mostly sealed and typically only experience 2-3 air changes per hour. This means the concentration of virus particles increases exponentially within the room, which leads to a deterioration of the occupants' health and an increased risk of highly infectious air leaking into other parts of the hotel.

    SaniTastic units installed inside quarantine hotel rooms ensures room air is disinfected at a rate of at least 20 times per hour. Thus protecting the room's occupants, hotel staff, security staff, other guests and the broader community. When used in conjunction with daily Covid testing, the duration of the quarantine could be reduced, thus reducing costs for all involved.

    For more info refer to the SaniTastic webpage...

    Surface Disinfections

    For protecting house-cleaning staff from any surface bound infectious pathogens, the SaniBOT autonomous UV-C robot can be used to disinfect the hotelroom, bathroom and hallway.

    This appliance is far more effective than chemical sprays and fogging. Particularly, on complex, irregular shaped or grooved surfaces as well as carpet, fabric and soft furnishings.

    It should also be noted that chemical spraying and fogging is not recommended by the WHO as suitable for dealing with Coronavirus. More details can be found here...

    Autonomous UV-C Germicidal Irradiation robots are gaining increasing acceptance for disinfecting within hospitals, hotels and even warehouses.

    In hotel and hospital setting it's used to compliment and enhance existing cleaning practices, not replace them. They are used as the first stage of cleaning to kill the invisible dangers.

    Upon the hotel room or apartment being vacated and before any other person is allowed to enter, the robot enters unattended to completely disinfect the room. After 20-30 minutes, depending on room size, the robot will notify house-keeping that the room has been disinfected and is ready for staff to enter and make-up the room.

    For more info refer to the SaniBOT webpage...


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