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The Australian commerical office space has been hugely impacted by Covid-19 and work from home directives. It's now reasonally well understood that many office jobs can successfully done on a Work-From-Home basis. Largely thanks to digital transformation, better communication platforms and better access to fast internet.

Benefits of WFH for employees range widely and includes; less time spent travelling, lower travel costs, ability to live outside big cities where housing is more affordable and the air is cleaner, more time to persue other interests, etc....

Benefits for employers relates mainly to the reduced operating costs associated with office space.

Recent studies on WFH productivity is mixed, with some reporting productive time losses averaging 15 minutes per day, to others reporting productive time gains of 10 - 40 minutes per day.

Hospitality businesses that services the corporate office sector has been suffered immensely from WFH, with estimated losses in the region of $3b.

Commercial property owners and the commercial leasing sector has experienced the greatest financial losses, with about 12% of corporate leases not being renewed.

Therefore focus is now turning to how we make it safe for office workers to return.

Every business is obligated to make their premises as safe as possible at all times, for staff and patrons alike. Covid-19 has made it difficult for businesses to achieve this.

The CovidSAFE practices of hand sanitizing, social distancing, masks, more frequent cleaning and the like, have all contributed to controlling the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, these measures are only effective for as long people are willing to practice them, and its effectiveness is largely a function of how well they're carried out. CovidSAFE cleaning is time-consuming and adds substantially to a businesses operating costs. As such it is not executed frequently enough.

It should also be noted that chemical spraying and fogging is not recommended by the WHO as suitable for dealing with Coronavirus. More details can be found here...

As such businesses are adopting more cost effective and more reliable Ultra-violet (UV) based cleaning appliances.

In a studies conducted earlier this year at Boston University School of Medicine, Dr. Anthony Griffiths, Associate Professor of Microbiology, concluded that with a relative low dose of UV-C light (5mJ/m2), inactivation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus to a reduction level of 99% was achieved in as little as 6 seconds. In similar studies published by Cornell University, hospital room air disinfection using UV-C light achieved reduction levels of 99.99% at an air change rate of only twelve per hour.

UV-C products that are ideal for commercial offices, clinics, and consulting suites offer these benefits.

  • Substantially more effective traditional cleaning methods
  • Requires no labour to operate
  • Plug-n-play
  • Disinfects indoor air
  • Disinfects surface
  • Chemical free
  • Perfect for fabric covered surfaces, carpets and soft furnishings
  • Leaves no residue or dampness
  • Does not degrade surfaces
  • Compliments existing practices
  • Highly effective against coronavirus as well as most other infectious pathogens, flu, bacteria and mold
  • Install and forget

  • Here's a few examples...

    Retrofit light with automatic overnight surface & air disinfection Constant operaton air disinfection

    These solutions not only provide increased sanitation and safety, they importantly also provide peace of mind from knowing that the space is as CovidSAFE as possible. This reduces anxiety and promotes a sense of comfort.
    Offices and indoor public spaces that employ these advanced sanitation products enjoy a greater reputation and popularity.

    Workers are reluctant to return to their office

    A recent LinkedIn survey found that many office workers feel unsafe in light of the pandemic, with 63% of professionals saying they would prefer to continue working from home in some capacity.

    78% want their employer to implement new Covid policies.


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