UV-C is a the abbreviation of Ultra Violet light in the C section of the ultra-violet light sprectrum.

UV light is made up of A, B & C spectrum light. A & B are commonly known as the spectrum of light responsible for sunburn and in cases of long term exposure, skin cancer. C spectrum light is also emitted by the sun, but filtered out by earth's upper atmosphere. UVC is therefore not naturally present at the surface of the earth. For this reason cellular organisms have not evolved natural immunity or protection against UVC.



Since we can quite easily produce UVC light, we're able to use it in a very controllable manner to deactivate micro organisms at their most susceptable level, that being its DNA.


UVC is extremely effective at deactivating the DNA of a broad range of bacteria, protozoa, mold, viruses and infectious pathogen including coronavirus and multi-resistant organisms.

Its effectiveness is based on how much UV radiation the organism absorbs. Hence UVC disinfection systems are designed to deliver the optimum amount of UVC energy in the shortest practical period of time. Since the potency of light declines as the distance between the source and target increases, in accordance with the inverse square law, it is important get the UVC source (lamp or LED) as close as possible to the microbes. Where this is not easily achieve the amount of time the microbe needs to be exposed to achieve deactivation needs to be increased.

SaniBot product are designed to achieve microbe deactivation levels of greater than 99.99%


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